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won't turn on anymore

so i bought a Iphone 6 from a friend with broken battery and screen i replaced them both yesterday, after i did so i wanted to turn on the phone but i had a black screen with the white apple logo, when i wanted to plug him in my pc itunes/my pc won't recognize the phone. now this evening i had a sign telling me the battery was low. but still nothing. now it wont even turn on after charging for a couple of hours nothing more... what can i do?

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how do you know the battery was faulty, it could be a logic board issue and not the battery at all


he told me that he went to a shop and that is what they told him, now that i replaced the battery i had that kind of bootloop so i thaught it was fixed but today he wont even turn on...


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Sounds like Tristar (u2) issue where not charging battery and not connecting to Itunes are classic symptoms

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i dont understand


Can i fix it by my own?


Most likely if you have to ask, No. It requires Micro Soldering. You can search for a Micro Soldering repair shop near you or look here : and find one that does Mail in repairs like I do.


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