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I just need help with resetting a password with no Floppy /USB


It was a gift but has never been used by an elderly person and they cannot remember the password it has been a few years. a box can up that said that said I can reset the password if I have a UBS flash drive they did not help or a floppy disk this Lap top does not take disk? It also said if it does not work to reset the lap top PW if it was done in wizard note book (nope) not that either. Last but not lease it said I can find password or reset in D

Would you know anything about that and most of all can you help me, I'am a senior myself and I'm not great with computers but it would really be a lot of help if I had a working one around my house.

Thank you in advance if you can help

Update (10/31/2017)

I'am not giving for help but asking

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China Bubbles this should work for your computer:

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