Rear Camera Problem - SW or HW problem?


I've got an iPhone 5, It's old, I know, but I'm (was) happy with it.

I've got a problem with Rear camera - see picture.

Sometimes It's working, sometimes it's just black screen (most of the time) and sometimes problem showed in picture occurs.

I have replaced rear camera, restored the phone (deleted, then set it up as new, downloaded apps from App Store)

I don't know what to do next to fix it - is it software problem, or hardware?

It seems like software problem - camera works after restart, but when I start using some of my Apps, it stops working. Then only front camera works. When camera is not working, torch (LED flash) doesn't work too.

Thanks for help,

Dominik Pecháč

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Do you know if the replacement camera was working or was it purchased new? Using known-good parts is important for troubleshooting and "new" cameras don't all work either.

With a complete reset of your device, I highly doubt it's a software issue. If you can get your hands on a known-good camera, that will help you determine if the problem is with the camera or the logic board (which is what I suspect). Have you dropped your phone recently or has it been repaired or come into contact with water?

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Replaced camera was working (took out from other iPhone)

Phone was dropped sometimes, this problem occured sometime in june/july.

I don't know about some contact with water, except little rain or sweat, no visible corrosion on motherboard. I'm repairing my devices by myself.

I will try to reset it again and use without any apps and see what will happen. I sucpect Snapchat of making this problem. I will see.


Dominik Pechac


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