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Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C Processor, 11.6" 16:9 HD (1366x768), 16GB eMMC, Integrated Rockchip® Mali T764, LPDDR3 MHz SDRAM, OnBoard Memory 2 GB / 4 GB

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I need help with figuring out why it's not charging

Hi hello!

This is not really my first rodeo with taking apart computers and fixing it. I thought this would be an easy case of 'replacing the battery' because by all accounts and lots of googling, this seemed the most logical answer.

Basically, it started with the Chromebook not charging. Replaced the charger, worked for a bit, then nada. New charger, now nothing at all. I should mention this is my mom's laptop so I have no idea what she does with it. Anyways, I take it apart, remove the battery, plug in the AC adapter and voila! Light! Now here's the tricky part.

I plug the battery back in, JUST TO BE EXTRA SURE, and there's still a light. Okay... Try to reassemble and get to the keyboard part. As soon as I flip the keyboard over to snap back in, light goes off. So I stop, reverse, light is back. Already, I'm confused. Thinking that this could run like other laptops without a battery as long as it's on AC (a temp solution until I get a new battery, still thinking that is the issue), I take the battery back out and begin the reassembling process again. Keep in mind (and yes, I know this was bad idea but I had to know) that I kept it plugged in as I reattached the keyboard. Same thing. As I flip it over, light fades out. Flip out as if I'm going to disconnect, light is back.

So... Does anyone have any ideas what this could mean? I've never seen this before and maybe I'm just missing something SUPER obvious.

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Hi @squishy07 ,

From your description it seems that movement is the key to your problem, indicating either a loose connection or a dry solder joint.

Try gently, stress gently moving the battery cable/connector(or even gently tapping it, with the insulated handle of a small screwdriver in various places, including around the motherboard) and see if you can make it happen. (I realize you said that you plugged in the battery and the light stayed on however then you "moved" the keyboard back into position and it went out).

- de

Hey! I did some poking about as you suggested and I figured out the issue isn't the keyboard/battery at all. This should have been the easiest thing to spot so now I feel dumb, but the charger port is where the issue is. So now I need to figure out how to replace that. Thank you so much for the tip! It did lead me to the actual issue!

- de

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Hi @squishy07 ,

This link may be of some help

Power Jack connection is Damaged. Can this be replaced and fixed?

Good luck with the repair

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The keyboard assembly has a short in it. Get another keyboard assembly.

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