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PWRSTION-10K-ALM MOPPS10KSLVV1 39.56Wh 10,000mAh Mophie PowerStation 5X

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2 x 4.5 volt units, and 1 x 9 volt DC power block

As the title says, I have two 4.5 volt LED light strips (each one originally ran off 3x1.5 AA batteries). Can I use one 9 volt AC-to-DC power supply (wall wart type) to power these?

If so, do I wire these lights in series, or parallel?


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Keep your 9V AC adapter. Connect your LED strips in series. Use a resistor from your adapter to the LED strips.

You do need to know what LED's you have and how many. Typical values for LEDs are:

Red LED: 2V 15mA

Green LED: 2.1V 20mA

Blue LED: 3.2V 25mA

While LED: 3.2V 25mA

To figure out the size of the resistor use R = (V1 - V2) / I



4.5/0.02=225 ohms (easiest available resistor would b a 230ohm resistor)

Or you can use this calculatorto figure out how to wire it by using resistors.

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the resistor values given are quite not series connection , the current through one led passes through the rest of the the current stays constant.[inthis case 20mA.

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@renre thank you and it has been corrected

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Remember that a resistor will dissipate some power, perhaps as much as your LED strip [constant 20mA current x (9-4.5)V=90mW; 1/8W should be fine] so always check the power rating of a resistor before finishing your design.

It's worth trying both strips in series, (+)-[strip]-(-)(+)-[strip]-(-); if they have some internal current regulation, you may not need more at all.

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Connection will be in series

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Would you anticipate problems doing this? Would it be better to use TWO separate power supplies, 4.5 volts each?

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No as long as you connect in the series no problems ..... resistance = V/Amps if you want can add a resistor , considering current 40ma for 2 led strips ....

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