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Home button stop working


i recently replaced the lcd on my iphone 5s and everything worked fine and after one week home button stop working.I restarted my phone and it says : Unable to Activate Touch Id on this iphone So idk if it is because of replace of lcd ( flex cable broken?) but it worked after the replace and my phone didnt fell or something . It is possible to be software error with ios 11 update ( My battery started to drain after update extremly too). I dont know if i should buy another home button to test if cable on mine is cracked or whole lightning dock ..

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You may have slightly torn the flex cable of the Home button when you did your repair. That damage may have been insufficient at first but over the week got to the point where Touch ID no longer works. You could try a new button but you will not have Touch ID functionality. Only the original Home button, which is paired to the logic board, can offer Touch ID. If you can bring your phone to an Apple Store or other authorised repair center, they can replace the button and re-pair it.

Open up your phone and closely inspect the flex cable on the Home button. Depending on where it is damaged, it may be repairable but very few people offer Home Button flex repairs. Attach an image of the damage so that we can give you more guidance.

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