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A Samsung Series 3 PC, the NP300E5C-A09US is a 15'' laptop with a 1366x768 screen resolution. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, yet powerful portable computer.

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Headphones not recognized when plugged in

When I plug in my headphones to my laptop, the sound continues to play through the speakers. The sound worked fine through my headphones until I dropped my device which was when the problem started. Occasionally the sound will flicker between the speakers and headphones around every second but will always eventually settle on the speakers and completely ignore the headphones. Is the laptop broken or is there a way to fix this? (I have tried a lot of techniques suggested online but none have worked).

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It would probably be possible to replace the headphone socket but it'll be soldered to the motherboard so you'd need to be reasonably confident with soldering, as well as with disassembling your laptop.

There are a couple of work-arounds: you could get a USB to headphone adapter - they're very cheap on eBay, or you could get a Bluetooth receiver to plug your headphones into and go wireless - rather more expensive, and it'd need charging from time to time, but quite cool.

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It sounds like the headphone socket is damaged. Did you have your headphones plugged in when you dropped it? You can confirm it's the socket if it comes and goes as you wiggle the headphone plug in the socket.

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I dropped it without the headphones in and the headphones work fine. It sometimes works when I wiggle it. Does this mean I caanot fix the problem?

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