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My camera screen is black.

Hi Adam, im hoping you might be able to shed some light on this subject. My camera screen is black. Although the camera turns on, flash works, the shutter clicks as though a picture is being taken, screen is black and when you click it it appears to take a black picture. This camera is fairly new, probably not within wauranty though but i can see only 107 pictures taken, probably a few more than that, that we deleted but - light use. Does the LCD screen commonly burn out in this model camera to your knowledge. Thank you for your help. Melinda Rhodes

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Melinda Rhodes you want to try and download those pictures to a computer and see if they are all black. If so, it is not necessarily your LCD. If that would be the only thing that has failed, your pictures would still come out properly. If those images are all black it is possible that you are having issues with the CCD sensor or the lens shutter itself.

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Thank you, oldturkey03. I will do this and report back. ☺


Nikon contacted me and did some over the phone trouble shooting. Not screen it is the sensor. I am going to give it to them for evaluation. Not sure what I will put into a repair this is a camera that has hardly been used ~ 125 pictures taken total. I want to say we paid $270 for the camera. It only worked a small time and the ccd sensor went bad. When I look on the internet tiis is a fairly expensive part w/o labor Thanks for your help. Melinda


Melinda Rhodes absolutely. The sensor seems the most expensive part (as much as a used camera) even aftermarket it still costs a small fortune. Sorry about that.


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