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Why does my mic work on recording a video but doesnt work on calls?

I have recent bought an Iphone 7 and it was working perfectly until one day i got a phone call and they couldnt hear me at all and it sounds like wind noises, my mic works on video record but not on calls, snapchat, facebook messenger, it only really works if i am speaking straight into the mic but still has the wind sound behind it, i have searched and searched for solutions but none seem to work

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there are two mics on the iphones. one on top and one down where the speakers are on the bottom. it could be that theyre clogged up

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A iPhone 7 has 2 mics, so if i was you id maybe think about getting the charging dock connector replaced. Thats most likely the culprit,has your iPhone maybe still got warranty?if so get apple to check it out. Here's a diagram of the 2 mics on the iPhone 7. Your videos work fine because for videos and snap chat etc it uses the mic by the camera.

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hope this helped.

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