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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 2. Announced October 22nd and released November 12th, 2013. The iPad mini 2, also known as the iPad mini with Retina Display, has all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller 7.9" form factor.

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Half of touch screen working


My iPad mini 2 (A1489) has only half of its touch screen working.

I opened and verify the connectors: everything seems ok. No missing pins.

I think I see copper through a tiny dent in the cable from the digitizer to the logic board. Exactly where the cable folds.

Should I buy a new digitizer right away or is there any other thing I should check before buying that part?

Also, anything I should look for to avoid buying a bad touch screen? I saw prices range from 10$ to 30$

Can I easily buy a screen without IC connector and just take it from my old screen?

(I am trying to fix this on a budget...)


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It sounds like the dent in the ribbon is your problem - I'm afraid you need to bite the bullet and order that new digitiser unless your day job is as a brain surgeon! It'll come complete with the ribbon and connector so you can't save anything by transferring a connector from the old one - even if you were a whizz at microsoldering and competent to do so.

As for which to go for, my general rule is avoid the very top of the market - you may be being overcharged for an OEM product which is no better than an aftermarket one, and avoid the bottom - it may be rubbish. And make sure you go for a vendor who has a credible returns policy.

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