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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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I spilled water on my keyboard, but it still (Kindof) works

Last night, I spilled water on my keyboard. It had drain holes so I figured it would be fine if I unplugged it and let it dry. I did just that, and when I came back today to play some video games, it seemed mostly dry, but my most important key, the W key, was giving me problems. Is there anything I can still do in an attempt to save my expensive keyboard?

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What the make and model number?

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@tkmaida the only thing you can try and do is disassemble your keyboard. Then clean everything with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Clean it very good, every nook and cranny (meaning every connector every cable end) then let it sit to dry. After that reassemble and try again. Most likely your keyboard may have shorted out, but you never know until you tried to fix it.

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