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rear brake engaging after riding for aprox. 25 minutes

My rear brake get extremely hot and self engages braking the bike after riding aprox. 25 minutes . I have bled the brakes several times with about 2 pints of dot 5 to remove any air and this continues to happen . 1999 softail . Suggestion please !

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@hel69 check your caliper to make sure it is not seized and continues to apply the brakes during normal driving.

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Thank you i will continue using the brake I did let some pressure off after riding when it was binding and hot. I think it helped.


I have bleed the rear brake many times and still it closes when hot .I'm thinking maybe the rubber hose is collapsing when hot . ill continue to work at it . thanks anyway


@hel69 that sounds very reasonable. Let us know what ended up working for you.


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