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Audio out dead (low volume + static) after battery replacement

Hello !

I tried to replace the battery of my iPod classic (160gb, thin). I broke the cable of the hold button, but everything else seems to be alright. When I listen to musics, the volume is very low and there's a lot of static, which makes the iPod impossible to use.

Do you think replacing the hold button (and the audio jack at the same time) would fix the problem, or I definitely broke the iPod ?

Thanks for your help !

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@perdouille replace the cable. This sounds like you are shortening the audio IC. Your headphone jack and hold button share the cable. Here is the guide for it iPod Classic Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement and the part is available right here iPod Classic (Thick) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch

Imagen iPod Classic (Thick) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


iPod Classic (Thick) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


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I bought a replacement, let's see if it works ! Thanks for your help !


It looks like it's working ! Thanks a lot !


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