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La única versión wi-fi del iPad Air de Apple, número de modelo A1474. Disponible en Space Gray o Silver, incluye el procesador A7 personalizado y se envía en configuraciones de 16, 32, 64 y 128 GB.

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Can move icons around on screen, but can't press any buttons

This is a bizarre problem to have.

Did a screen replacement, using an OEM screen. Didn't have any problems with the repair and I checked all functionality before gluing it shut; there weren't any issues. However, now - as I'm trying to use it - the top of the screen (an area about 1.5" by 4", top left corner) won't let me push any buttons. I can move icons around in the affected area, but I can't press anything (like the "back" button in the Facebook app, for example). Why would the digitizer do that?? And is there anyway to fix this??

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If you check your work is the digitizer flex fully plugged in and the latch closed?

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Sound to me like one of two things,

#1 what ULOCK JOCKS said witch is the flex cable could be causing you some issues due to either minor damage from the closing up process or just came unseated.

#2 in that corner of no response there could be a very minor hairline crack in one of the digitizer panels which could also be causing this issue for you either way screen has to come back off in-order for any further trouble shooting to happen on your part. Good luck let us know.

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Yes that was what I was going to say next snaps man!

- de

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