Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Change the logic board from (A1418/EMC 2805) to a (A1418/EMC 2833)

I have a iMac 21.5" with a faulty (A1418 EMC2805) logic board.

I've been offered a iMac with a broken screen/case, is it possible to change the logic board (A1418 EMC2833).

thanks mark

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The A1418 series: 2012 21.5" iMac's


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Yes. The A1418 is the model number. The EMC differentiates between different configurations.

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The 2805 board is shorter and the chassis mount are in a different position.

These can be snapped off and glued to the desired position.

The SD C4 display panel has a different back light cable but will fit.

We have had issues withe C4 panel not working with other boards

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Look again Peter! These are very different displays and not compatible!

- iMac 21.5" 1.4 GHz Core i5 (Mid 2014) - 2805

- iMac 21.5" 3.3 GHz Core i7 4K (Late 2015) - 2833

The Mid 2014 display won't work as it can't push 4K the newer system offers !!


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