Why is washing machine skipping the wash and rinse cycle

Washing machine fills up with water skips the wash and rinse cycle goes straight to spin and done

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Do you get any error codes?


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could be a blocked drain. Refer to your washing machine’s manual for instructions on how to clear a clogged drain.

Frozen Timer. This sometimes occurs after a power disruption temporarily interferes with the washer’s electrical connection or if the washer vibrates during the agitation cycle and knocks one of the timer’s wires loose. Manually advance the timer to “Rinse” and see whether or not the wash cycle resumes. Contact a washing machine repair specialist to inspect the timer.

Bad Locking Tab and Lid Switch (top-loading) Even though a washing machine will start if the tab and switch break, the washer won’t rinse or spin unless the tab and switch unite. Open and close the lid. A properly working lid tab and switch will click when the two components come together. If you don’t hear a noise, one or both of the components may be broken. Contact a washing machine repair specialist to inspect the locking tab and lid switch and replace the part that’s faulty.

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