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Auto clean of print heads in middle of the night

I have a Brother MFC-255CW printer that works fine. I keep it in my bedroom and occasionally it will initiate a print head cleaning in the middle of the night. Obviously that isn't desirable. Is there any way to make it only do this during the daytime?

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Look through the settings. There should be a maintenance section and it should have a section about auto maintenance or auto cleaning. Best of luck!

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Thanks for trying Keven. What you suggested makes complete sense. However, there isn't any discussion about auto cleaning/maintenance in the manual. I've even tried going thru all of the menu options on the printer, but nothing is obvious there either.

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Hi Eric,

I have the exact same printer & the EXACT same problem you do, with the machine waking me up in the middle of the night! While I love my Brother Printer, I too have come to a dead end on getting this issue resolved. I'll continue to research it & let you know if I discover a solution. In the meantime, I've checked and updated the Date & Time settings, in the hopes the automatic maintenance function moves to a more suitable "daytime shift!" Thanks for your original uploaded question...... John

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