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Lost password can't unlock

Can't unlock my Acer desktop. The password was lost last year. Please help. Even after hitting the delete key to get into bios, it asks for a password.

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Mark Krause what model is your Acer? Which password, the system password or the OS password?It does sound like you are looking for the system password but just wanting to make sure.

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If it asks for a password when trying to enter the BIOS it might be a supervisor password (or hard drive password) set in the BIOS that is required.

If the password is when logging in as a user in Windows, it is a windows user password.

Anyways, without more precise information this is my recommendation. Try Hiren's Boot CD. In my experience it can crack trough most password on different levels of the system.

Just be careful! Only use software included on the disk that you know! There is potential to really destroy your system with this CD if used carelessly.

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Without knowing the model number, It would be difficult to give you a good answer. That being said, I recall a time when my grandson set passwords on his mother's Acer laptop. I was at a loss as to how to reset them. A phone call to Acer Tech support took care of the problem. Seems there is a set of master passwords for most of their systems. You might give them a call and see if they can help.

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There are two methods can solve this problem:

  • Method 1. Unlock Windows lost password in safe mode
  • Method 2. Unlock Windows lost password with a third-party program, use Windows Password Key to create a Windows password reset disk to unlock the locked pc.

You can follow the detailed guide of "Locked out of Windows PC, What to Do?" to help you.

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acer laptop but goes into hard disk  security    with sata port o Toshiba  hqoitabd100   lock

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