Waterproof action camera (model no. CHDHS-101) released by GoPro in July 2015. The Hero4 Session shoots 1080p video and 8MP stills.

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Looking for the internal lens assembly. I have it completely apart.

I smashed the internal lens of my go pro session 4. I have taken it apart and don't know where to purchase the lens assembly. I figured the lens assembly and sensor will need to be purchased together because the lens is glued into the assembly probably for focusing. I was able to get it screwed out but figure there will be no way to refocus it with a new replacement....

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I was wondering also if one of the two will work since the sensor size is supposed to be the same:

GoPro Hero Lens

GoPro Hero+ LCD Lens

I am about to receive a cracked lens Hero Session and will followup with what I find.

You should be able to refocus by using a calibration target to make sure image lens is screwed to correct position for proper focus, then maybe hot glue in place:


Imagen GoPro Hero Lens


GoPro Hero Lens


Imagen GoPro Hero+ LCD Lens


GoPro Hero+ LCD Lens


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