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iPhone 6 in water, can I try changing display?

Good evening, last year I dropped a iphone 6 into the water and it was irreparably damaged, at least in appearance. The screen has all the gray lines that are just visible and sometimes small spotted colored dots, you can not distinguish anything from the classic screen.

At that time I took him to a private care center (non-apple) where they tried to perform ultrasonic washing but the phone did not resume.

Since then it has become useless.

Meanwhile, I learned to replace screens, batteries, etc on iphone. I have already done 5/6 operations of this type.

Considering also that the screen for iphone 6 does not cost much, at this point I asked: in your opinion, could I try to replace the screen hoping the problem is just that?

Or do you say it is totally useless to do the try?

Thank you

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I agree with @oldturkey03 , it's certainly worth try. Now, before you order a new screen I would open up the phone, take a quick look around, now that you understand how a phone is put together, to see if everything looks in place. If you still see traces of corrosion, especially around the connectors for the screen or battery, you can suspect that the cleaning was not properly done. Unfortunately, there are shops that use a jewelry cleaner to do an "ultrasonic" cleaning. If this were the case, a proper decontamination would be advised.

I would test the battery voltage with a multimeter first and then test the two main pins of the battery connector on the logic board in continuity mode to see if there are shorted. If they are, you still have a logic board issue. If not, then I would try to plug the phone to an iTunes enabled computer to see if it is recognized. If it is, then sure, try a new screen. If it doesn't, the the logic board needs work.


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Ok so you suggest me to try... Do you know if is common that the display get the worst damage from water?

I also wait the @refectio opinion!


Hi Guido...err, that was the refectio opinion ;>).

With water damage, anything is possible. Usually it's the logic board and connectors which take most of the damage but sometimes the screen gets water artefacts. The danger here is that if your screen was affected, so too will be the Home Button and extension flex. See the picture in the answer.


I tried and resumed! Only problem, touch id does not work. I brought the old one back on the new screen but I see it has a very small break at the point where the flat bends before hanging onto the screen. I think that there is nothing to do about that right?

Even wifi unfortunately not work fine, it detects networks but tells me "impossible to connect". For this problem, could I fix it by replacing the wifi component? What exactly? I have seen that there is also an antenna component.


You are correct. 95% sure it is not fixable...I mean, it is possible with the right tools and experience but a very difficult mend depending on the tear severity and if you have a microscope and Micro trace jumper experience.

If you are getting Wifi and it is not connecting, first thing to check are the antenna connections as a hardware check and a restore in DFU for a software check. Here are the Wifi antenna parts to make certain they are connected and free of corrosion...

iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

Reemplazo de Cable Flex de la Antena del iPhone 6


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@mtguido since it has been a year and it has been cleaned (hopefully properly with EMI shields removed etc.), I say go for it. You got nothing to lose but a bit of money and if nothing else, you may get some good learning experiences out of this. I am certain that @refectio can help you out further with testing your board if it should become necessary.

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