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Phone is acting up after replacing the screen

Hi guys, excuse the long post but I am trying to give as much detail as possible and hope someone knows the answer to this.

So today I tried to replace the smashed screen on my buddy's iPhone 7 Plus. Mind you I am not a professional and don't have a business but like to dig around in technology. I did follow a guide very carefully and I am sure that I connected everything correctly and did not break anything in the process with the below exceptions.

Here are the exceptions- the issues in the process:

- the tri-wing screw that is dead center on the back of the home button holding it onto the little metal plate went bald immediately upon me trying to unscrew it. Because of that I carefully bent up the metal plate on both sides to make it fit through the hole in the front assembly (yes very unprofessional but I couldn't see another way since the screw would not come out, and since it is not connected to any of the electronics underneath but only protects them and holds them in place I did not think it would be an issue.

- there is a little sticker attached to the metal back plate of the screen that has a little cut out rectangle that on the original screen wrapped around the little grey rectangle on the ribbon cables that connect it to the body. On the replacement screen that grey rectangle on the ribbon cables was slightly bigger which made it impossible to wrap the frame sticker around it (not sure whether that sticker is only supposed to hold things in place or is of actual use)

Here are the things wrong with the phone upon reassembly with the new screen:

- the phone first of all needs about 5 minutes to boot and stays constantly on the apple logo during that time

- the phone works pretty much just fine on the lock screen but as soon as the phone is unlocked some clicks only register after like 10 seconds and opening apps can take forever.

- the home button is not recognized any more (which might be an issue on the side of the new screen since it connects through the screen to the body of the phone if I am correct and not necessarily due to me bending the metal bracket that it is attached to?)

- the status bar at the top of the phone with battery, time, network, etc. is sometimes there and then not

- phone and face time calls don't work (I believe texting works though)

- the back camera jumps around while taking videos. If I hold the phone perfectly still the video looks like I am shaking the phone around

Some clarification: All the issues above were nonexistent before disassembling the phone, only the glass on the screen was broken. I did reconnect all connectors and nothing changed about my issues described above. I can assure you that all connectors sit properly in place (I did not try rubbing them down with alcohol yet but I am not sure if that is really necessary in a less than one year old phone and I did not touch the contacts)

Here the questions. Can all these issues be due to a bad replacement screen? I would be fine with buying a new home button and back plate for it should that part really be screwed up (but I did see in a different thread that even when a new home button is purchased it will not work because it needs to be paired to the phone on a software route by Apple themselves or one of their carriers?). Also, how could the calls and the back camera be affected by a faulty screen since the antennas and the back camera are in the body and have in my eyes not much to do with the front of the phone?

My issue is that I don't know where to start and I am limited on my funds to buy new parts to see whether the existing ones are broken, even though the might not be. Does anyone know where to start on this or maybe even an "easy" fix without buying dozens of new parts digging around for the needle in the haystack?

Thanks guys

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This is a tough situation for you. Others on this forum have had more experience on the iPhone 7/7P but I'll share what I know.

There are currently lot's of issues with certain aftermarket screens and iOS 11. If the phone is running iOS 11, I would immediately update to the latest version which just came out today, iOS 11.0.3. It specifically addresses the aftermarket screen issue. Also the iPhone 7 must have all the small parts connected first before testing the screen otherwise it causes issues.

The Home Button is paired so you cannot really replace it. Even a generic button will do nothing because there is no more mechanical "click" action. If the button is truly damaged, then only Apple can replace it.

IMHO, unless Apple specifically refuses to service the phone (damaged housing, water damage etc.), it's very cost effective to just have them replace the screen. They will also replace the button if necessary and pair it. The other issues could be related to the aftermarket screen.

I'm not sure if I addressed all of your questions but hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your quick response on this! I'll have my buddy update the OS first since that might help.

All the parts were connected when I powered it on to see if it worked (still not completely assembled, but things were the same when completely assembled). Thanks also for that info on the home button, that's what I was afraid off but it also saves me from buying a new one right now.

So would you suggest sending the phone in to Apple in its current state (if the OS update doesn't help) with the new screen on it or should I put the old one back on? But either way they could see how it has been tampered with, obviously it doesn't look like factory new on the inside any more and be it because of the screws that have marks on them now. Would Apple still work with us there you think?


I would put back the original screen and try to get a refund on the replacement if your vendor allows it. Apple shouldn't object but then again, it really depends on who you get. The worst case scenario is that they try to charge OOW replacement rather than screen replacement. Just politely stand your ground.


Okay, thank you so much for now! I'll see if anything changes after the software update and if not then we'll probably do that. Possibly some might have some other input as well. I'll update the outcome here for sure.


Did the replacement screen come with the front facing camera and all installed? Or did you transfer those over from the old screen?


@joesipaq There was only the actual screen with some accessories in the box, both the home button and the camera and sensor array needed to be transferred


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It is the compatibility issue between iOS 11 system and aftermarket LCD screen. Reinstall the front face camera flex cable to have a try.

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