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Touch not working on IOS 11?


I know there's bits about this already. But hoping there's more of a definate answer?

Had a 6s come back to me, which has been working well for over a year, the chap upgraded to IOS 11, and now the touch does not work.

Plugged in original screen, and it works.

What's the deal here?

Apple will obviously sort it.... for £150!

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Duane check the answer by @refectio on here After update to iOS 11 Touchscreen unresponsive

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Thanks. My brain is seriously aching from This!!!


Update 2017/10/11 - Apple just released iOS version 11.0.3 and it claims to address the Touch Failure on aftermarket screens. For those of you that have been waiting for an official fix, it appears to be here. Make sure to comment below if this update solves your problem.


Update 2017/10/31 - Apple has just released iOS 11.1. Check out the details here.


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i also having trouble of Screen Recording not working issue my iPhone - but i tried given Fixes and easily get rid of on issue.

- Screen recording won’t start just icon blinking

-Does your iPhone Getting hot when are you recording Screen on iOS 11?(turn off

Bluetooth, GPS service)

-unplug your iDevice if even in charging mode

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