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El primer modelo de iPhone, modelo A1203 con 4, 8 o 16 GB de capacidad y una parte posterior de aluminio. La reparación requiere una cantidad significativa de destreza, y puede requerir un poco de soldadura.

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My brother accidentally reset my phone from I tunes


I have a I phone 2g, 4GB model which my brother trying to add songs to the phone restored it from the I tunes player. It was a Jailbroken I phone and now it does not re-start. I've lost all my data, (contacts, pictures, sms'es) on the phone. I know it's a very old model and you will have to think hard to help me but please do. I'll be very grateful to you guys. Thank you for your time.

God Bless.

Pranjal M Mehta.

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Pranjal, not sure if you already got this fixed. Anyhow you mentioned that the phone does not restart but that you lost all your info. How did you find that out? If you have done a recent backup you can restore your phone with itunes and utilize the back up. To return your phone to an earlier firmware version go to where you can download the older versions. You do know about the shift-click restore :-) If not let us know. Good Luck to you

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Hope this help. Some data are in itunes backup file mostly contacts. Type 'contacts' for search. For the iphone downgrade to older fw like 3.x just google it.

Good Luck.

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