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Bd wise Grey letters on line 3,how to turn on features.

In setting mode,in display mode ,line 3grey area lettering, bd to turn on blue ray feature?

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Just verifying that the player is connected via HDMI, to a Samsung TV (supporting BD Wise) and that BD Wise is turned on in both the player and the TV?

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Hey, @jayeff -- long time no see. How are you?

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Hi @avanteguarde ,

Going well thanks. Been away on an extended holiday (4 months- benefits of being retired), which I wish I could've extended even longer.

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@jayeff I am doing better than some. Welcome back!

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You must also have a TV supporting BD Wise.

BD Wise is Samsung's technology to upscale the source material if supported.

For example, if you have a DVD, the source material is 480i/p.

If you had a TV with BD Wise, you can to go Settings --> HDMI --> BD Wise on/off

If the TV supports it, on would then convert the DVD to 1080p.

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