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Guías de reparación y soporte para lavadoras de la marca Whirlpool de carga frontal y superior.

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Why is there water in the bleach and softener compartment

I rarely use my bleach or softener dispenser in my whirlpool cabrio washer but yet they are both filled with water. I have drained them and and cleaning with a bottle brush to make sure they are not clogged. Of course now that I have this problem I need use them... How can i fix this?

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Hmm... Sounds like a good answer - "dispenser for the bleach is clogged" and just clean it out. We just purchased a new Whirlpool and day 1 their is water in the dispenser after each full cycle. Ha! Ha! Bad information from someone who wants to be an expert but just didn't think of all the issues. Obliviously a new washer should not have a clogged dispenser.

Anyone else want to try?

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@larry_florida well Larry, this was not an answer for you nor was the question on a new washer.

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I have one better. I have a whirlpool duet washer and i have been all over the place trying to find the problem. So i put in my laundry detergent in its spot then i put fabric softner/bleach in there spots. When i start my wash cycle the water runs through the fabric softner/bleach department and not my detergent compartment. Then when its time for fabric softner it does the opposite. No wonder non of my clothes smell like fabric softner but soap.

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Sounds like a motherboard issue.

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Mine has been filling with WATER in the BLEACH compartment for the past year and it's a brand new machine that didn't do it for the first 8 months but now does. It's always clean, I use cleaning products FOR the washer every few months, as I"m only a family of 2, and I rarely use bleach at all.but I did find if you close and open the tray over and over, the water put in there from the prior cycle will FINALLY drain. how can a NEW MACHINE have a leaky part? Is this something Electrolux does to make more money, I have to wonder? (front loader)

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Most washing machines dilute down the bleach/softener/soap when adding it to the load. It helps with not causing the bleach to cause burn spots as if poured directly on the cloths.

In a unit we have here in our house, the bleach and softener dispensers have fill lines for liquid that you should not pass. This is because it uses a siphon effect to pull the liquid out. It is effective because there are no moving parts. I hope it is ok to post links on here pointing to another repair page!

Check this out for some images of what I am talking about and how it works. I didn't want to copy what they already put work into and claim it as my own.

I have a feeling that after the 3rd stage, the water splashes into - or leaks into the bleach/softener dispensers, and fills them up to around the 1st stage level which is below the level needed for the siphon effect to happen.

I would say it is a leaky selector valve/solenoid controlling the flow to those dispensers and probably is continually filling them during the cycles.

If you use them once in a blue moon, I would say to just empty them out, and put your bleach or softener in them. It might not add the bleach or softener at the designated portion of the cycle, but if it is bleach you are using, normally I believe that is the first thing added anyways.

That is what I think is going on.

Good luck!

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The dispenser for the bleach is clogged up. It is a siphon dispenser and if something gets in the tube it will stop siphoning. You can pull the complete tray out of the washer and take it to a sink. There will be round circular siphon towers there and you will need to clean them and under the trays there are also the same towers and clean those. Reassemble and holding the complete tray as level as you can slowly run water into the bleach dispenser cup until it starts siphoning out. If you stop the water it will almost completely empty the tray. Leaving very small amounts of water is normal.

The venturi works by creating a siphon as the water runs past. It it difficult to see a problem but very slight changes or sediment build up can change how it works. As the water runs through the venturi it should draw the bleach out of the container. If water is spraying in instead of siphoning out then the venturi is usually the cause of the problem.

Clorox also wants this to work for you and here is information from them:

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I have a GE 650 series front loader. It’s two weeks old. I can’t take the tray out separately. My bleach compartment fills to max and won’t drain. My softener and detergent areas drain pretty well. Yes, those areas do hold some but not like the bleach. I tried to get on GE’s site, but couldn’t find anything with residual water standing in the tray. What I have been doing is at the end of my washing I go to the sink and fill a cup of water and take it back to that tray area and pour it into the bleach dispenser. The force of me pouring out and causes a siphon and it empties completely. So why doesn’t it do it during the wash? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciative.

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I found that if you open and close the tray over and over, it will drain. I’ve taken my tray out, cleaned all the parts (they weren’t even dirty but did it regardless to find if ANYTHING (like a pinch of fabric or dust) was in there, nothing. No pinched hoses, NEW MACHINE…less than 2 years old, used on a 2 people home, and rarely do we use bleach. SO, it’s the flaw that makes us all have to do MORE to get the laundry done.

Open and close the drawer for detergent over and over if you have the electrolux front loader style machine, that is what works for me…and paying a plumber was a WASTE OF MY TIME, but I did that too! We live we learn, front loader still works great, but this is annoying but that’s a First World Problem and that’s how I fixed mine. Hope it helps some of you dealing with a front loader issue of water in the compartments, too.

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My fabric softener dispenser fills with water afterwards and the drawer will not come out so I have to use the Turkey baster to suck it out

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I cannot get my drawer to come out either!

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