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Recovering deleted Mac USB Flash Drive files, but on a PC

Ok, I have a bit of a complex situation. I formatted my usb flash drive on a Mac, transferred a bunch of files on there, and then forgot they were on there and reformatted it on my PC. After reformatting, I remembered that the files were on there, and so I RE-reformatted the drive on a Mac using some Apple format. After using "EaseUS" to scan the drive, all the files are on there, but I cant recover them without a license.

Question: Is there a way to use my PC to recover files on a flash drive that is formatted using Apple's formatting option?

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What kind of license are you talking about?

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It's an interesting question, but I think I'm going to go with "no" on this one. PC file recovery programs are meant to recover files on a PC formatted volume, and likewise Mac file recovery programs are meant to recover files on a Mac formatted volume. I don't know of any file recovery program that has the ability to recover files on the "other" volume format. But even if there were such a program, the first thing you'd need is a way to read a Mac-formatted volume on a PC -- and the best solution to that is MacDrive which, yeah, requires a license. Without such a tool you'd be stuck; the PC can't recover data from a volume that it doesn't understand the structure of.

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Ah, I figured as much. Thanks for your input!

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