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Samsung Smart TV Model UN55ES8000F will not connect to wifi anymore.

My Samsung Smart TV Model UN55ES8000F has worked fine but now it won't connect to wifi network it keep defaulting to landline and will not connect to wifi. Attempted resetting Smart Hub and TV but that did not work, set DNS settings to 8888 and that did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions. I too am about to order replacement capcitors due to the TV turning on and off, however I do not believe this is not the issued of it not connecting to wifi.

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If your television refuses to connect to the Internet, see the Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Will Not Connect To Internet problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Fix one thing at a time. For now, I'd concentrate on replacing the caps to stop them from turning off. Once that is fixed, focus on the WiFi which you of course have checked with other devices. You did not tell us if your TV finds your network while performing the initial setup.

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Yes, all the other wireless devices are working. It at times finds the wifi during initial setup. However, when attempting to connect it will stop that process and attempt to find the wifi again. Approximately 9 months ago I installed the Smart TV Evolution Kit which did not seem to effect the tv.


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So the first thing you do is unplug the tv.Then you press the power button on the tv.After plug it back in and click the power button on the tv.That should fix your problem

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