The start button doesn't work

My Whirlpool dishwasher, model# WDF520PAD. The start button doesn't work, no light on. Other buttons have light on. I learned it may need to be reset by pushing some buttons ,but don't know how. Any suggestion would be appreciated .

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Not sure if my problem is the same, but my start/resume light never goes on. It seems to run and resume if I interrupt the cycle by opening if I push again, but no light. Wonder what's up. Any thoughts by anyone?


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اغلاق الايفون power off

ثم تقطير قطره وحده من كلون (alcahol) او مسحه طبيه

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According to google translate @nuhaalgebrti said:

IPhone Shutdown power off

And then distillation diameter alone of alkahol (alcahol) or medical survey


Ok don’t always trust google translate because I don’t think he said medical survey...


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