Can I reattach the spout to my electric kettle?

I dropped my electric kettle and the spout came out clean. It's one of those unusual long curvy spouts that looks like there is an inner and outer tube. Is there any way I can reattach it? I have posted a photo of the spout and kettle

Block Image


Or does anyone know what kind of repair man I would contact to get this fixed?

I contacted the company that made the kettle Brewista a couple of weeks ago but they have not responded.

Thanks in advance!

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@oldturkey03 Thanks so much, that's really helpful! I had no idea such a repair place existed, I'll look into it. Glad that it might be fixable.


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@emfairw that looks like it was installed via a pressfit. The best way to repair it would be by silver brazing and it is a common repair in the restaurant industry. Depending on where you live, that is what I would try to look for first (Restaurant equipment repair). If you have any trouble with that, check for a good welding shop. Most of those will have the tools and skills to re-attach the spout to the kettle.

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