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Why is my screen touch unresponsive

Recently my Iphone6S has been playing up, opening messages by itself but now the keyboard wont work, and my screen all together. I want to try and reset my phone; I cant ? I plug it into my laptop to reset through ITunes but it comes up on my computer "do you trust your computer" however, it needs me to press yes, but I cant? my iPhone is crazy! I've recently had it fixed new screen and new battery, I'm fed up with it now... please someone help..?

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try another screen its possibly faulty


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@emilyjjj " recently had it fixed new screen" most likely a bad display assembly. Pretty common with inexpensive assemblies. A proper replacement should resolve this.

However the 6S may also suffer from it's version of "Touch Disease" caused by a failed touch IC which will be a way deeper and sinister issue. Apple does not see this as a problem and will charge you $$$ for a replacement phone. Check on here.

Again, try a new display assembly first.

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Just a note...the 6S has the Touch controller embedded into the display assembly so it's not really something repairable. You simply swap out the screen when you have touch issues.


@refectio you are the Master of those repairs! We need to get you in touch with iFixit and have them get you to make some great video repair guides.


<blush> ...their are lots of folks out there that are way ahead of me in terms of knowledge and skill. I'm just trying to help where I can. Besides, I'm not much of a video guy :>)


I hear you. We discussed a few things during the un-conference and suggestions were made to somehow involve video tutorials on Youtube into answers. So if you are going that route, let us know. One of your biggest qualities is that you are sharing your knowledge. You are not afraid of pointing out where and what to check. We do not see that a lot from other's working in your specialized field. You are appreciated and very well respected in this community.


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