The Nook HD+ (BNTV600) is a 9" tablet from Barnes and Noble.

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Tablet dead, can I use it as a display?

My Nook HD+ has been dead for some time. I think it should be something with the mother board. The display is still nice, no dead pixels.

I've been thinking if I can convert it to an HDMI display? where can I find those connectors for the display and how should I wire it to HDMI cable? And Can I make use of the original speaker on it, too?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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@raydashu you can only do that if you can identify who the maker of the LCD panel is and what model it is. Then you need to get the datasheet for the panel to determine the proper wiring/connector. After that you will need to either build a driver for that or try the many places on ebay the sell universal LED drivers. This will be a difficult undertaking since you have to get the proper information for the panel.

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Thank you. seems I'd better find a dedicated display. To much work for it and maybe even more cost to it.


@raydashu smart idea;-) Maybe sell the display as a repair part. If it is in good condition you should get some money back from it and might help out somebody else :-)


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