Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Background light not working properly


yesterday i turned on my MacBook and then suddenly the screen went dark. it is the background light. With a flashlight through the apple i can see the screen working.

I now read a bit about it, and people suggest to check the fuse or capacitors. But iam in vacation right now, so i have no chance to open it.

Now, after 20hours or so, i tunred it on again to connect to a display. then suddenly it was working for like 30 seconds. So im sure that the fuse is ok. It must be a capacitor, right?

I need to open it and find those. I have no idea if they are easy to replace or not.

Do you guys have an idea, or is my guess correct? It cant be anything else?

thank you.

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Right now i used it at a display with HDMI, suddenly someone pulled the cable and now my screen works again. at least till now. Need to watch that, that is weird.


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Hey Adi,

Sounds like a problem in the backlight circuit like you stated. In a lot of the macbooks the fuse isn't really doing it's job and something else burns out first. In your case it sounds a bit like a cold solder joint or some water damage or something.

Easy way is to send it to a repairshop who does these types of repairs, hard way is troubleshooting it yourself with a good schematic. (if you have microsoldering skills)

If you do it yourself, check diode and Caps in the boost circuit, if that's not it check continuity on the backlight boost line before replacing lp8550.

Kind regards,


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