Won't boot after digitzer replacement

I replaced the digitizer and blew the backlight fuse. I jumped it and the backlight works now, but I can't get it to go past the white apple logo screen.

I've tried reseating the connectors, holding the home/power buttons, but it just does the same thing.

What are my next troubleshooting steps?

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How did you blow the backlight filter? Was it because you forgot to disconnect the battery prior to removing the LCD? If so, it is possible that the damage goes further upstream to the backlight circuit. Depending on the damage, it could also be causing other problems impeding the boot sequence if some voltage rails are current limited.

You don't really say how comfortable you are troubleshooting board level problems so I'll let you get back to me on that front. However, ideally, you should look for an experienced micro-solderer to properly troubleshoot your board.

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Unfortunately I had a newbie moment and didn't disconnect the battery. D'oh!

I'm comfortable diagnosing if I have some direction..if you can point me towards the components to test and what I'm looking for.

I wouldn't feel comfortable replacing a board component as it would be too small for my equipment. I was able to successfully jump the backlight fuse with a little bit of solder though.


You'll want to check Diode D8228 to see if it is shorted or blown open and also inductor L8225 for damage. The risk here is that the PMIC, which drives these components may have been damaged. That would certainly cause boot issues.

You will need to search for and download the schematic.


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