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The M15x is Alienware's 15 inch extreme gaming laptop.

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power adapter flashes when plugged in to laptop, unit wont power up

Alienware 15r2,

AC adapter light flashes once plugged in to laptop. It then has to be removed from power to reset it. Kinda like it senses a short when plugged in and goes into a safe mode.

I have replaced DC input assembly inside the laptop. Checked all connections to the best of my limited ability. Looking through forums , the next step seems to be replacing the mainboard. Just wondering if there is a test to determine if this is really required.

Thanks for any info



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Does it boot to the bios or post?


And does using another power adapter yield any results?


i tried a different power adapter, same result. It doesnt boot up at all, all that happens is the power adapter light flashes...


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The motherboard has a problem. If the power adapter shuts off when you plug it into the laptop, and you have to unplug the power adapter from the AC socket to reset it, the problem is in the motherboard. The power manager is defective. The rest of the motherboard is probably good if you do not hear any beep codes on startup.

You can call Dell tech support if the laptop is still in warranty and they will send someone out to repair it, if not in warranty then they can diagnose the problem and give you the cost to repair. Good luck.

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So if the motherboard has a problem, I guess i'm replacing it...

Unless someone else has a better option..

cheers mate


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