The 2016 version of the Samsung Galaxy A3 budget smartphone (model number: A310F).

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Why does my touch screen don't work?

So I was checking my bag, when I pulled out my clothes from my bag, my phone fell, but I dropped it when my bag was low near the ground, I used the phone in a bus, it worked, but when I was at home, and I couldn't press anything, when I click it, it doesn't work, the back and the other button works though. If I try to restart or power off, it doesn't work because I need to touch either the restart or power off, holding the power button for 10 seconds it didn't get powered off, can someone help me?

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To power it off, hold the power button and volume down until the phone restarts. Power it back on and let me know if touch starts working again. Hope that helps!

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It fixed :3, I stopped charging for a few days, and it shutted down, I opened it then it worked again!


@vygantasfix Well that is not good! I have voted to get your comment switched to a question so you can get your device fixed! (hopefully) I can't provide help for you very well, but if that vote passes some other community members might be able to help you. Good luck!


Thank you Reed. To power it off, hold the power button and volume down until the phone restarts. It worked.


@negreadd No problem! I'm glad it helped, that's what I'm here for!


I got exactly the same problem. I managed to restart it, but the touch is still not working. Does that mean I have to replace the touchscreen? Need help


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