Tracing light pad won't light up, any advice to fix it?

My tracing light box doesn't work, and it's not due to the plug wire (I checked with the electrician tester and it's working ok).

The light does not turn on when I press the button, so I guess I should open the device and check the internal connections or led itself, but I don't know how to start!

The pad is so thin and looks so unaccessible.. it has no visible screws either.. any advice?

Thanks so much (-:-)

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I had the same problem, but when I tried to press the buttons with two or more fingers, it started to light again. Maybe this helps you too? Use more fingers and/or press with more pressure.

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Thank you so much for your help @maykitzy, it had probably sthg to do with that, as I opened the device and saw that there was a little foam between the tiny electronic board and the plastic covering the device at its background. This foam was placed just below the outter button, and it didn't look high enought to reach the outside button when you'd press it, so I added a little piece of paper to gain volume, and now the light works. The only problem is that you can't turn on and off the device through the button, and you need to unplug the device instead.. but that's ok enough for the moment. Thanks again!


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I had the same problem. I tried two fingers, more pressure...and on. I was eventually able to fix it (it was a dislodged lead).

The white backing is held on by two-sided tape. You can cut it loose by inserting an x-acto between the back and the clear part. From there, gently remove the sheet of backing plastic. You can at this point see the wiring and circuitry. My problem was a lead pulled off from the LED strip. I simply soldered on a new wire to the strip and then soldered the new wire to the old–voila! You'll see once the back is off that it's cheaply assembled, and some of the leads can be pinched as they're routed around the perimeter.

I apologize I didn't take any pictures.

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