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Backlight not working after logic board repair? HELP!

Hi there all! Just a quick disclaimer that I'm not very tech oriented so please forgive any poor phrasing!

Recently I spilt a little water on my laptop. The only issue at the time (according to the repair guy) was the logic board. He was able to fix this (rather than replace) and gave it back to me working as good as new.

Fast forward a few days and I took my laptop in my bag to work. It was fine when I got there but when I got home the screen was black. I know it is still working as I can log in and see the screen when lighting it with a flash light through the apple logo on the lid of my laptop. Additionally it is occasionally flashing to normal screen (backlit) for a second when I jiggle it around a little.. which makes me think that perhaps something is loose after my logic board repair? Or could this just be another (later) effect from the water I spilt last week?

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! However please don't suggest I replace anything myself because I would have no clue what to do (or how to even open my laptop in the first place).

Also do you think it is fair to expect the man who 'repaired' my laptop to fix it free of charge? Only the part they fixed is covered by warranty apparently...

Thanks in advance!

Amelia :)

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Sounds like they may have replaced the LCD connector and not soldered the pins properly; meaning the connector is making some connection with the board when moved, but otherwise is not making a permanent connection to the board. This is something I have done before when I started off, but luckily picked up on before sending it.

Contact the repairer. If they are offering a warranty, that should cover the whole board since this has had liquid spilt across the WHOLE board; you have paid them for logic board repair, hence if it isn't working, they haven't done their job. If it is an issue with the board that wasn't picked up on by them, any decent repairer would cover this. They shouldn't cover something under warranty if it is a part unrelated to the logic board, or it is a manufacturing fault (for example, GPU issue on 2011 15" models).

Contact them and take it from there

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Thanks for your answer Reece very helpful! I've added an update down the bottom of the comments, would love to here your thoughts.

- de

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This is a fairly common issue. Please excuse my technical speaking but there is no other way to get this across. There is a chip on your logic board that supplies power to your screen. This is most likely what went bad. There are 25 connections to the board. This chip needs to monitor the voltage is it outputing to the screen or it will not work. There is a connection that commonly burns when this chip fails called Feedback. Without this connection the chip will not know how much voltage to output so it will shut off. The technician most likely did not run a wire to this connection under the chip and hence after a few days of use it failed. Still a fixable issue just needs to go back.

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You've answered your own question really.

It could be a loose connection or it can be an after effect of the water damage.

I wouldn't say he should repair it for free unless he gave you warranty that it wouldn't have any further issues.

If I was him (as a repairer myself) would look at it again for free as you've already been back once.

See what the diagnosis is. The video card board on their could have after damage markings so it may need a new replacement board, Really depends how bad the water damage was on the inside.

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Ok so an update:

Last night I left music playing while I went to sleep (managed to turn it on by using the flashlight through the apple sign trick). Then this morning when I woke up everything seems to be working fine again?! So the backlight for the screen is fine (right now at least), and the keyboard too? Could this have been some kind of software issue? Or do you guys think I should still contact the repairer in case it happens again/is it likely to be a recurring issue?

Thanks for all your awesome answers thus far!!!

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Bring it back. This can be a flakey backlight chip too.

- de

Yes most likely would be dodgy backlight chip if both the screen and keyboard lighting weren't working during this period; both use PP5V_S0 which could have possibly been temporarily shorted through the backlight chip.

If you have a 2011-2012 non retina, this will be the case since the BGA chip fails a lot after liquid damage due to corrosion/damage underneath the chip. If it is an older model or a Retina, the issue will most likely not be the backlight chip.

Doesn't matter at this point anyway; contact the repairer and let them get to the bottom of this. Don't leave it without mentioning anything

- de

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