My mouse don't working when I changed windows from 10 to 7

I have an Asus computer, when I restart Windows from 10 to7, the mouse stops working, please help

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I have the mouse that came with the dell computer - windows 7.

I've tried every single 'fix' for a mouse that stops working (often) and has to be detached and re-attached to the port to work again. Sometimes this only last for a matter of seconds.

Is there a mouse driver that got automatically updated and should have remained with the old one?


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Open Device Manager from Control Panel or Settings. Look for "Mice and Other Pointing Devices." See your mouse there and do "Update Driver." If it does not appear there, look below at Other Devices. If it is a Bluetooth mouse, go to Settings/Devices/Add a Bluetooth Device. One of those should restore your mouse.

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thanks , but desnt working in the setup windows too


windows 7 ofc and in the windows 10 it works normal


What kind of mouse -- USB, Bluetooth orTrackpad?


usb mosue , don't work in windows 7 , it work only in windows 10 when i install


Does the mouse show up in Device Manager?


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