Disassemble speaker to repair charger port

I am trying to repair my Techlife BeatBlock portable Bluetooth speaker, but I can't seem to figure it how to get to the circuit board. Does anyone know how to disassemble this product? It's been drying nuts for months. But, because I haven't found any videos at all, what so ever. It's gotta be well worth the repair.

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0.You will need a flathead and philips screwdriver.

1.flip over your beatblock and take off the grips you will need a flathead screw driver there will be a hole under one of the grips shaped like a rectangle and in the hole a piece will be sticking out push it in with your flathead until the side that says beatblock closest to the hole pops out.

2. then you will see two speakers take the cloth piece that's around the speakers and unsrew with philips screw driver.

3.pop out the speakers tray and the curcuit board will be in one of the corners.

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i hope it helps


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