RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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Network connection issue all of the sudden

The network connection all of the sudden quit. I rebooted my wifi router and tablet several times but to no avail. I event use WPS setup and it says the tablet is connected but when I go to internet it is not connected. When I tap on the network in wifi settings to connect it will say it is connected then dropout. What is can I do to fix the issue?

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Thank you for replying. I have tried all that you suggested except factory reset. My wife would not let me. She wants to keep all the games in it. I have a reason to believe that one of those games sabotaged the tablet. When you kept playing them and not purchase tokens.

I said that because I have to factory reset my M8C TV box twice. This last time it became a brick. When I tried hard reset with reboot SD card, it would not boot anymore. It was stuck with S802 logo on the TV scree, After trying several attempts the LED eventually turned off, the sign on logo went out and the TV screen went blank.

On to shopping for a new TV box and tablet. Bummer, lesson learned .

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I am back because I fixed the network issue. Maybe this will help others.

I finally convinced my wife for me to factory reset the tablet. After doing so the tablet is back to normal and network connection issue was fixed. I have to reinstall all the apps which was no big deal.

Thank you Robert Osburn for the suggestions.

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