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Modelo A1278 /Procesador 2.4 o 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo de mediados de 2010

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MacBook Pro Randomly shuts off

MacBook Pro 13" 7.1 mid 2010 2.4ghz

Put a brand new SSD in it, OS X sierra, reset prams, sds and still shuts off. Took it to apple and they said it was the battery, I know that the battery needs to be replaced and the Apple Store told me that I could take out the battery and just run the computer without the battery so I tried it and it still randomly shuts off with just AC power. Please help!!!!


I will try to download coconut battery but not sure if I will have time to before it shuts off.

The fan has no dust I already blow it it and when the computer starts up the fan turns on but the computer shuts off before it would have a chance to get hot.

I will open it up tonight and take a look at the fan again and try and download the coconut battery.



Update (08/30/2017)

Update guys!!! I broke down and took everything apart and blow/cleaned it out found a huge dust bunny in the fan/heat sink and I replaced the thermal paste ( FYI the old stuff was so dried out it was like chalk). I think it was the thermal paste cause I have had it playing videos for the last hour and it hasn't turned off so I believe for now it is fixed!!!!

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Did the answer that you accepted solve your problem? If not, you need to un-accept it because questions with an accepted answer are not looked at anymore as the problem is assumed to be solved.

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So bad news it is still doing it!! Not sure where to go now. Keyboard/on/off button? Need help again!!

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This sounds to me like a protective heat shut down.

But before we go into what I feel it is,let's give "the geniuses" their due.

Please download install and run Coconut Battery and post your results.

After that we'll take a look at your leaking heat sink and possible clogged fan vent and what to look for.

UPDATE 9/4/2017

Theses models have liquid filled heat sinks. These can leak and cause sever overheating. Look for an oily type of residue for an indicator that it has leaked, if so replace it. Here's how:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Heat Sink Replacement

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Do you have green light on the charger? Check for signs of corossion on the motherboard.

This is to me more a motherboard related problem than just the battery or overheating.

Ussually if you have a green light and the macbook tries to turn on for just a couple of seconds and then it turns of it could be a power sensing issue or a short on some lines.

Do a visual check of the moterboard on both sides.

Here you have a guide on removing the motherboard if you feel up to it. @chadrchesley

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I do have a green light on the charger. Sometimes after it shuts off the green light will flash. I will check for the open wires tonight but I didn't see any last time I looked.

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How is the fan working, is it possble that the device is overheating. Blow out the inside and clean the fan and you made need to add new thermal paste to the CPU.

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