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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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Dropped my phone in Water

Hi, i dropped my phone in water i took it out straightaway and put it in rice. i know some people say rice does not work but i didn't know any other methods to use in order to salvage my phone.

My phone screen sometimes comes on for a short period of time, but then it turns black mainly. My phone still works, meaning it vibrates when i try to unlock it and i can see my notifications on my home screen etc.

can anyone recommend a way i can get my screen to work?

Also, if i was to take it to a repair shop would that issue only be a screen replacement or would it be something else?

I hope someone will be able to help, thanks :)

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I think water went inside the LCD. So even if it shows signs of life, sooner or latter it will stop working. I recommand you to open it (if no warranty), disassemble it and make it dry for 2 days in a bag with silicona dry ball (not rice inside), as you can find in new shoes box. You can also apply Isopropyl Alcool on componants to prevent rust. Then buy a new LCD, it's not very expensive and I think it will solve your issue. Perahps the battery will need a replacement too, because sometimes it comes bigger after water dameg ;)


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Liquid damages are extremely unpredictable. Water could have gone in your screen or might have damaged your logicboard. Your backlight on the logicboard might have issues.

There are shops that do liquid damage repair but most of them do not provide any warranty because there are not guarantees on liquid damage.

Just take it to an (deleted SPAM) iPhone repair shop] that works on liquid damage and have them look at it.

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Do not put your SPAM in your answers. That what your profile is for.


The encouraged behaviour is to refer people to your profile, when appropriate. Your profile can then highlight the services you offer. If every tech on this forum was pushing their services in every answer, it would get ugly pretty quickly. This forum is meant to help others, not be part of a marketing campaign.

Hopefully you will continue to contribute and make this site a great resource for others. Besides, you DO NOT want to get on @mayer's bad side (especially not this week :>)


@refectio are you intimating that I'm a little grouchy, overworked and underpaid this week? My bite is worse than my bark, I don't have the ability to ban for a day or a week. Just Sharia Law, one penalty, death, on all bans ;-)


@mayer nice doggy...nice's a treat <throws a bone>.

Phew, that was close!

You've handled this week in a rather exemplary form, single-minded in focus and results. You've carried this forum on your back all week. Kudos.

I've only noticed one person getting dinged...did I miss anyone else?


@refectio I very seldom tell someone to go away, but that guy was doing post after post with misinformation, needless quotes and just plain stupid answers and statements, he had nothing to contribute and no redeeming qualities and I came very close to just banning him. AND he's still doing it!


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Oh, no. It's definitely somethin else. That phone really wants an ultrasonic bath. Where the shields are removed, and all the corrosion gets cleaned out. Ask if your local shop can do that. It may not need a new screen. But will likely want a new battery

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