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Need advice and tips before starting a repair business

Hello! I have been starting to fix phones for a lot of my friends quite often, I also work at a iPhone LCD refurbishing business which gives simplicity in getting screens for my repairs.

I'm thinking about going full force into the repair business basically by posting ads, making business cards, etc. I don't intend to rent out a shop or anything just become a mobile iphone repair tech on the side of my main job.

What is some advice you can give me to help me before starting out? Additionally, are you a mobile repairman or do you own a shop? What are occurances and problems you've ran into that could be solved more easily with the right preparation?

I already figured a good thing would be to have backup and extra's of everything, screws, backplate's, camera's and such.

I'm also curious, is there any difference between a 6s and 6s plus front facing camera ? My boss tells me there are and it's not that I don't believe him I just don't understand how there could be differences between them. I know the back camera in the 6s+ has OIS unlike the 6s, but thats all I can think of.

Thanks for reading.

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A logical common sense mind is the best tool u can have :)

6s and 6s plus camera flexes are different lol

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Maybe you can build a website about repairing phones

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@c9679 Certainly! Thank you, I figured they had some differences at least.

@Kaye yes definitely, or at least about the services I provide and eventually about repairs and maybe little tips and tricks.

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Yeah, once your website is popular, you can get some phone repair orders online.

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@freshfix for some reason, I got the email about your response but can't find it anywhere on this post. it was a 6s. I might not have gotten the gold springs touching fully? or it could be not sitting properly in the rubber mesh?

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Most of your business will probably come from Google searches and the better your referrals the more business you will get. So set up a Google business account, it's free. To see what I'm talking about, Google, "lubbock & mac repair". You'll see MacHale Enterprises with two listing both with 5 star ratings.

I dropped my web site as these "free listing" bring in all the business I need.

I work out of my house now. So you can go out there and spend a boatload of cash or you can get started out of your back pocket and build your business. When you get big enough to expand you will have the cash to stock a month or two worth of inventory. For now, stock a weeks worth, set up a PayPal account and request credit. Pay if off ASAP, use PayPal dongle on your phone or iPad to take credit cards. The more activity you have the faster PayPal will up your line of credit. Any inventory buy you make over $100, get you 6 months to pay off without charges. So this gives you working capital. The prices you charge are not nearly as important as the speed you do it in. People don't want their machines gone for two weeks. But don't make it to fast (no 5 minute repairs even if you can do it in 5 minutes) take a day or have them bring it in the morning and have it by 5:00. That way they don't feel cheated. On prices, I show then the standard prices on iFixit on parts right in front of them. Give them that price plus shipping and add say 10-15% for handling it. Few people will complain about you making 10-15%. If they say the prices are high, tell them about the lifetime warranty on parts. Also you only have to do the repair once because it works. Never let a customer bring in their own parts. If they want to do that explain that if the part does not work, your charge for the labor is the same if it works or doesn't work. Avoid cheapo customers they are never worth the problems they bring with them. Be one of the higher priced, if not the highest priced guy in town. They will respect you more. Get that iFixit certification and display it prominently.

Thus endeth the lesson for today.

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Thank you for the response, Mayer! Appreciate all the suggestions from everyone. I didn't even know about the free google business account, I looked up what you said and came across the location of your house lol... Also your thumbtack page and some other listings. Is it basically a location the maps? for people to leave you reviews?

I'm going to mainly be mobile because I work 51 hours a week and I'm hoping I can find some business after I'm off work, but most people get off their jobs at the same time as me so it should work out.

My brother works at geeksquad at best buy, I asked him if he ever gets people coming in and asking about iPhone repairs and he said all the time pretty much. So I made some business cars and i'm going to give them to him so when people come in and ask he can just slip my business card to them, aside from that most people I know in person know that I also work on iphones. I'm also going to drop some ads on apps like letgo,offerup, 5 miles as well.

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It's those 5 star rating that will have people searching you out. Now Google your town and iPhone repair to see what your potential competitors look like.

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Paypal credit seems pretty awesome, I have never used it once but that will definitely change now. The more repairs I do, the faster I get which is awesome. I wouldn't say I'm there in terms of full iPhone repairman but I can definitely do screen replacements with ease. The more I do, the better I get. I want to branch into other products like mac computers and different electronics, maybe Samsung. I'll definitely get that dongle thing for when people have no cash on hand, wouldn't make sense to not have it.

How can I practice or do repairs on macs without having the risk of actually breaking them, I wanted to upgrade the RAM on my desktop awhile ago since its a 21.5 inch and I had to take off the whole screen to add more ram. I didn't of course but I guess that could be something to get started. I once had a friend ask me to fix his sisters 6s, and she apparently bought her own 6s screen. (turns out she bought a regular 6g) and it was a huge mess.. How does one get an IFixIt cert? Is it difficult? thanks

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Here's the info on the iFixit Certification:

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to repair screen visit here

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My boss just opened a apple repair business and so far has had to put in $30,000+ for equipment and repair parts. (store has been open for 3 months so far). I literally placed a order for screens (6 to 7 plus) 2 days ago and 20-22 screens alone cost $1,062. As for the cameras on 6s/6s plus, i believe there is a very slight difference. I still order the ones for 6s and ones for 6s plus because you never know. Better to play it safe than sorry and have it fall back onto you.

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30,000$ ?! On what did he have to buy in order to start a repair business? Is there by chance you are talking about a refurbishing business? I can understand the costs being that high because of all the machines and different tools needed to have a successful glass refurbishing business, I'm not sure where the prices could be that high to own a repair business other than buying the screen themselves. I get great deals on high quality OEM Screens from the refurbishing business i work at already.

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The static mats, tools, benches, screens, POS system, more parts because so many people wanting it done. $1000 was just for 20-22 screens between iphone 5 and 7 plus

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Yeah, but OP said that he didn't want to rent a shop, so he probably won't need that many things to start out. A POS system is also a bit overkill (as far as I know these are expensive), a simple Freshbooks account could diminish some of the cost. 1 person only needs 1 static mat, 1 or 2 sets of tools. You get the point. I always encourage people to start their own businesses because it's my little secret dream :))

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Ah Jennifer, understandable.

And yes, not looking to rent a shop but just do mobile repairs when I can!

I currently got two Magnetic Pads and one set of tools. Will get a couple spares of my favorite tools, I find myself only using the ISeasamo Opener tool, A guitar pick/those blue picks, PH0/PH00 Bit and the curved tweezers from IFixIt, Oh and don't forget the trusty long thumb fingernail I use to cut the adhesive on 6s/6s plus's. I have other tools in case, like a spudger and razor blade, random things. I haven't done any 7 or 7plus repairs yet but I'm going to learn them as soon as I get a chance. Thank you, didn't even know what Freshbooks was until you wrote that. Will look into that if I start getting a lot of repairs done! :)

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Jennifer are you buying original apple LCD screens or replicas?

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