SD card with no pictures

I put in my SD card in the camera and take some pictures but when I go to download them it say no pictures found.

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@jcnewyorker13 can you view the pictures on your camera? If so it is an incompatibility between your cards format and the computer. What files does your computer see on the SD card?


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Here's an answer on how to set it up to save to the SD card: How to transfer a picture from camera memory onto the SD card?

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From what I'm guessing, the SD card has been formatted in a way that the camera recognizes but the computer doesn't. If your camera has an option to transfer pictures and video without having a computer, try transferring them in that way until all the contents of the SD card are backed up and then reformat the card.

If you can't find a format that both the camera and the computer recognizes, either use a different camera for the picture/video taking or use a different computer to transfer and open the files with. What OS do you have?

How to Format Your SD Card

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