LG 3D TV 47LM4700-UE unending Input Scrolling

LG 3D TV 47LM4700-UE Continuous Input Scrolling.

After a recent close lightning strike my 3D TV (LG 47LM4700-UE) has a strange problem where the input keeps constantly flashing /switching from one to another at high speed. So obviously I can't watch the TV as the input keeps changing.

Ive tried unplugging it, took batteries out of remote/ replaced. Nothing works.

I assume this is the main board?

If it is, how hard is it to replace?

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A lot of these TVs have different boards, and the model number doesn't identify it specifically enough. I'd suggest opening it up and posting the model numbers on the boards. Take a close visual inspection at everything, particularly the power circuitry, to see if you can identify any toasted components. Feel free to post some photos here!

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Where are these model numbers that you refer to? I have the back off.


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