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Vertical lines on tv

There are colored vertical lines running down the entire length of my samsung plasma tv screen. Here is a picture of the screen, including model no.

Block Image

Any help is appreciated!

edit: The colors in the background are only there to display the picture easier, that is not part of the problem

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Im alittle late seeing this post. Just dont want anyone to get the wrong idea here. LCD panel is not a bad guess if it was an lcd tv. Plasma is charged ionized gases aka plasmas. You have 4( charge) control boards. Top bottom left and right. Vertical bars appear from corresponding boards. (top,bottom). Horizontal bars (left,right,. I dont know your skill level so you can replace the board after confirming the fault. Or you can repair at component level. Get a schematic and troubleshoot the diodes first. Then check for voltage leak at the transistors. Continue until fault is found

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This is a broken LCD. The LCD would need to be replaced. This issue is usually caused by some sort of impact that hit the TV too hard. The LCD is essentialy the TV, honestly you are better off with a new TV as these parts can be hard to come by. Hope that helps and good luck!

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