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MacBook Pro will not Boot

My Macbook Pro Model 1260 will not boot or power on. It was working fine the other night and now nothing. The magsafe plugs in and shows green. the battery is fully charged so I know it is not the power. I unplugged the A/C adapter, took the battery out, and held the power button down but still nothing. Troubleshot the RAM as well using recommended steps and nothing. I get no sleep led, absolutely no fan movement or screen flicker when I press power. It seems dead! The battery button shows a full battery charge and the battery works in another macbook pro. I am thinking that this is a logic board issue. any ideas?

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As far as I know, the best way is to bring it to Apple Store / Genius bar, and get fixed. Even if it's outside warranty, they'll fix it for $320 flat rate (+ tax). I've done it a couple of months ago.

It's a lot cheaper than buying a logic board, and in my case, they replaced a logic board and optical drive. It was a great deal for me.

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Ok thanks!!!

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