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I replaced my Taptic Engine but it still does not function

Phone had water damage and for a while the touch ID and haptic feedback failed to work. After a few days touch ID started to work but not the vibration. I replaced the Taptic Engine, after reading several post from this site, but it still does not work. Any ideas as to why this may be occurring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe the taptic engine sits on the charging flex which houses the mic, speaker and charge port connections. The connector that's on the taptic engine could be damaged on the charge port. I would inspect that connection. As a last resort, change the charging port completely and see if that helps. Water damage can be very hard to troubleshoot, especially if the damage can't be easily seen.

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I am going to change the entire assembly. I feel I should just replace it other than inspect it, because I doubt i will be able to see the damage, least of all repair any if i find it. If it shorted something out due to the water I feel that part might be a lost cause, unless you think it's possible it might have corrosion preventing it from functioning?


Corrosion could definitely cause this issue. Let me know what you come up with and Ill try to help you in case you continue to have problems.


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