MacBook keeps giving problemos to turn on

Hi everyone,

A few days ago my MacBook Air is giving me problems at the moment of turning it on. I tried a few things, and the PRAM reset solved it.

The problem is that it's doing the same thing after a couple of days, and sometimes it takes longer to react.

Do you have any definitive solution for this problem? A complete formatting would help?



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What is the problem that you are experiencing upon boot?

you said the PRAM reset solved it, but you did not list what exactly it solved...

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Hey, first of all thanks for the reply. By solved I mean that it boot up, but it keeps happening, and sometimes takes longer, or more tries to turn the computer on again. Does it makes sense?

Like after turning it off, or the MacBook goes to sleep, it sometimes turns on, sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't, I need to try 10 times the reset PRAM and SMC...

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So if I am hearing you correctly, you are saying the computer would not boot at all, and the boot issue was solved by the PRAM reset? If that is the case what was it doing instead of booting up? any text on screen? computer on, but black screen? White screen?

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Just black screen, eventually will turn the fan on. It's just happened again. It took me 10 minutes of pressing keys combinations to have it on again.

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