A series of Pavilion branded laptop computers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard from 2008 that featured a 17.3" diagonal display. Available with an AMD or Intel processor.

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Back lighted screen but black, works on external video

I have a HP dv7 3089wm.

The screen will light up but black screen. External vga monitor shows normal. Not sure if I need a screen or inverter should there be one within the laptop. Suspect I need either screen or inverter. Could you please give me further info so I get right part. Thanks for you help.

I have checked the cable connection from screen to laptop. Unit seems to have one connector for backlight.and because it does light I assume that is good. Reset the cable from video to screen. Just not sure if unit has an inverter in laptop or if need new screen

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Bruce Chapman you do not have an inverter per se. You have a backlight circuit on your motherboard. Your model uses an LED screen LCD inverter flex cable that you want to take a look at. Also, in a darkened room and with the computer on and having the OS on the desktop etc. shine a flashlight at an angle and see if you can make out some silhouette's on the screen. That will give you the definite answer that it is your backlight. Download the service manual for your computer from here If your cables are all okay and properly seated, check the motherboard for obvious damaged components. You will need to get the make and model number for your motherboard to see if any schematics are available should it become necessary to look at some board level repair like the backlight driver etc. It might be beneficial if you post some pictures of your motherboard etc. with your question. It will allow us to see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that

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I will send in pictures in a few. So far , this is 17" screen which I have taken out. The screen connector cable also has a a small 2 pin connector which I am sure goes to backlight bulb. With screen connected and turned on I can see backlight bulb light up. Also no image with flashlight . I can see on the black screen some pixel light on very top. From this I have determined it to be a screen. That's about a 80% guess


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first at all you have to update the bios from the website of hp

second the if the laptop as you said is shown in external screen thats good thing coz you are sure for now that graphic card is ok

third you have to test screen with another one no need to be same size just for testing if not working

you need to test the spin between screen and laptop

you screen is led as i assume it doesnt have inverter

then leave comment

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Thanks you for your post! Really cool stuff


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